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For over 20 years, Infinet has been providing innovative and pioneering fixed network solutions for business and government clients that need next level connectivity at any time of the day. Last Mile Wireless Communications is proud to be an Australian integrator of Infinet point to point wireless network solutions, providing local customers with the industry leading performance, unmatched dependability and cost-effectiveness that is synonymous with the Infinet name.


The InfiLINK range is a wireless Point-to-Point solution from Infinet which combines high-speed capability, up to 280 Mbps throughput, with a rich set of best-in-class features and benefits. The point to point microwave link supports leading-edge radio protocols, providing unrivalled spectral efficiency and wireless transmissions over distances in excess of 50 km.

Key Features

  • Multiple Input – Multiple Output (MIMO 2×2) innovative technology
  • High-capacity – up to 280 Mbps throughput
  • 5/10/20/40 MHz channel widths
  • Advanced Quality-of-Service Support
  • Instant DFS allowing non-invasive background spectrum monitoring and seamless frequency channel change on channel congestion
  • Reliable and robust design

InfiMAN 2x2 Wireless Point-to-Multipoint Solution

InfiMAN 2×2 is a successful field-proven family of wireless point-to-multipoint products designed for various applications, including fixed wireless access infrastructure for operators and enterprise networks, including nomadic and mobile functionality. It encompasses a number of base station sector units, including those with a beamforming antenna, and a range of subscriber terminals with both various integrated antennas and connectorized ones. The whole family features high spectral efficiency, exceptional reliability and excellent Quality of Service (QoS).

Frequency Bands

  • 3.1 — 4.0 GHz
  • 4.9 — 6.0 GHz
  • 6.0 — 6.4 GHz


  • Triple-play wireless ISP networks
  • Video surveillance, traffic management and public safety wireless infrastucture
  • Fixed, nomadic and mobile connectivity solution for SCADA systems
  • Long-range rural connectivity
  • Government and municipal networks
  • Key Features and Highlights

Key Features and Highlights

  • Innovative solutions including base station sectors with two-way beamforming antennas
  • Base station capacity up to 240 Mbps per sector
  • Multiple licensed and license-free frequency bands supported
  • Vast variety of integrated antenna units including both BS sector units and subscriber terminals
  • Flexible frequency planning and powerful interference mitigation tools
  • Advanced QoS features


InfiLINK XG is the most recent addition to Infinet’s point to point wireless network range. It is a record-breaking and innovative Point-to-Point solution in the sub-7 GHz frequency band, boasting the best-in-breed spectral efficiency, higher-than-ever-before processing power and distance vs. performance ratio.

InfiLINK XG reaches a peak of 480 Mbps of net throughput in 40 MHz of spectrum, and more than 100 Mbps in only 10MHz.

Available with a wide range of integrated antennas, as well as a connectorized version for use with 3rd party external antennas, and coupled with improved transmit power and sensitivity, the XG family will fit perfectly into a large array of applications such as backhaul in the telecom market, education, oil and gas, smart cities, video surveillance and public safety. It was designed by Infinet to meet the exact requirements of the most demanding customers, most complex projects and most challenging environments.

Key Features and Highlights

Highest spectral efficiency

  • Best-in-class 13 bps/Hz
  • In excess of 100 Mbps net throughput even in only 10 MHz channel width
  • Innovative radio technology for reflected signal conditions

Superior performance and processing power

  • Unmatched 1 million packets-per-second processing power
  • Full capacity at any packets sizes and for any type of traffic

Unmatched capacity

  • Net performance of 240 Mbps in 20 MHz and 480 Mbps in 40 MHz
  • Distances in excess of 30 km with integrated antennas, and more than100 km with external high gain antennas
  • High-power transmitter and high sensitivity even at highest modulations, ensuring maximal link budget
  • Unprecedented system gain of 177 dB even with integrated antennas
  • Extended QoS support
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • SFP optical port
  • Support of IEEE1588v2 and SyncE in future releases
  • Full-fledged L2 switching

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