Aviat ODU 600

ODU 600 – Aviat Microwave Radio (Outdoor Unit)

Our ultra-high capacity split mount microwave radio

The Aviat ODU 600 is a next generation, universal outdoor unit (ODU) for split-mount applications, incorporating latest ASIC technology to combine ultra-small size and weight with low power consumption, and smooth evolution to ultra-high capacity by supporting up to 4096QAM and 110/112 MHz channel spacings.

ODU 600 is compatible with Aviat Eclipse and CTR indoor platforms, including backwards compatibility with already deployed hardware and software to facilitate easy introduction to existing networks.

ODU 600 is a high capacity ODU that meets the capacity demands of the future in a compact footprint.

ODU 600 benefits

  • Smaller antennas: antennas represent the largest cost component of a microwave system. Using high power radios like ODU 600 can reduce total cost of ownership of microwave by up to $30,000 over 5 years
  • Future proof – ODU 600 meets capacity demands of the future by supporting up to 4096QAM with 112MHz wide channels for a total throughput of 850Mbps in a single unit
  • Smaller, lighter, and easier to manage – our new ODU 600 has reduced size and weight and is 75% smaller than previous ODU 600 versions. In addition, our new ODU 600 has 70% reduction in number of product variants than previous ODU 600 versions for lower tower profile/cost and lower shipping and installation costs
  • Backwards compatible – ODU 600 is backward compatible with all deployed Eclipse and CTR indoor units and is over the air compatible with the previous versions of ODU 600

Key features

The Aviat ODU 600 delivers the highest transmit output power in its class of ODUs across multiple frequency bands, including:

  • Broad operating frequency range: 6 – 42 GHz
  • High throughput per T/R, per polarization: Up to 850 Mbit/s data
  • Flexible Power Mode (FPM) for software-defined base power and high power modes in the same unit
  • Multiple transport options – Carrier Ethernet, PDH/SDH/SONET or Hybrid (mixed-mode Carrier Ethernet + PDH/SDH/SONET) in a single radio channel
  • Over-the-air interoperable with previous versions of ODU 600 to facilitate easy upgrade and evolution
  • Compatible with CTR, Eclipse IDU and INU transport and switching platforms
  • Full 4096 QAM Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) with Eclipse
  • Supports concurrent ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) and XPIC (Cross-Polarization interference cancellation) operation


  • Operating frequencies L6/U6, 7/8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 28, 32, 38 and 42 GHz;
  • High throughput per T/R, per polarization
    – Typically 850 Mbit/s data
    – Up to 127xDS1
  • Flexible Power Mode (FPM) for software selectable standard or optional high power mode;
  • Transport options- Carrier Ethernet, PDH/SDH/SONET or Hybrid (mixed- mode Carrier Ethernet + PDH/SDH/ SONET), IP/MPLS, in a single radio channel (dependent on indoor unit);
  • Up to 4096QAM, with ACM (dependent on indoor unit/RAC);
  • Channel size support from 3.5 to 110/112 MHz, dependent on indoor unit/RAC
  • Wide diplexer tuning range to minimize spares holding, simplify ordering and inventory;
  • Configurations supported include 1+0 NP, 1+1 MHSB, 1+1 MHSB SD, 2+0, 2+0 XPIC;
  • Ultra-compact: 230 x 180 x 65mm, 2.7 L, all frequency bands;
  • Operating temperature Range: -33 to +55 degrees C
  • Compatible with Aviat Eclipse IDU GE3, RAC 70/7X, RAC 60/6X/60E/6XE, RAC 30v3, with R08.00.72 and above operating software.
  • Compatible with Aviat CTR 8540 (RAC 1x, RAC 2x), CTR 8311, 8312 and 8380 (versions 1 and 2) with R3.2 and above operating software.
  • Over the air interoperable with the previous version of ODU600 (v1).

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